Roads Go Ever On And On

Well I finished the first four Hitchhiker’s books, and my library delivered Tolkien’s Fall of Gondolin. So, now I’m off for a tour of Middle Earth. Fall of Gondolin is the last book JRR’s son Christopher has compiled from his various notes. It’s less a story and more of a literary archaeological dig, and Christopher … Continue reading “Roads Go Ever On And On”

Bad Movies Part II

OK, so this one wasn’t exactly a bad movie per se, but… Back in my college days, we found a midnight showing of Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same” at a theater in New Rochelle. A bunch of my college friends and some others (Debbie? Andrew? Tony?) convened at my friend Dave’s house in … Continue reading “Bad Movies Part II”

Knishes and Camels and Rain, Oh My!

PART I Recently my family scheduled a quarterly birthday party, and I took some time off from work to attend. My immediate family lives in the greater New York City area, although scattered far and wide. Apart from my 12 hour distance, most are 2 or 3 hours distant from each other. Thus, we try … Continue reading “Knishes and Camels and Rain, Oh My!”