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A brief PSA for you…

Without going into details, about 15 years ago I experienced a “medical event” that resulted in something I truly detest: daily medication. For most of my life the only pills I took every day were vitamins. On occasion I’d need antibiotics or some other such treatment for a temporary condition, but I prided myself on not being shackled to the daily pill container.

Until the “medical event” happened.

So my doctor prescribed pills that I had to take. Some of these were long-term temporary, in that they were intended to stabilize “things.”

Editor’s Note: It’s hard trying to give background without actually going into detail. But I’m still not going into detail.

So while I was able to eventually get rid of some pills, some were with me for the duration. Of my life. So here’s where things got “interesting.” One of my meds affected me in ways that I didn’t like. I talked to my doctor about it, and he said basically that I was stuck. So I endured the effect, for many years.

Fast forward to my relocation to Indiana. Since my old doctor was no longer available to me, I got a new one. He checked me out and reviewed my meds. At this point, I told him about how much I didn’t like that one pill. He agreed that the effects I described were possibilities with it, and changed my prescription to something else.

The difference was immediate and profound. The effect that I hated vanished over the course of a few days. I haven’t experienced it since.

I apologize for the semi-rambling and “clear as mud” descriptions, but the bottom line is obvious. Concerning medications, talk to your doctor. Often. Things can and do change over time, both with your condition and with what’s known about drugs. You might end up feeling better.

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