My Savage Breast

No, this isn’t a post about my first sexual encounter. (An interesting story, but don’t hold your breath waiting to read about it.) This actually deals with the musical influences I’ve had over the years. As with most, my initial influence was my family. My parents contributed big band and movie soundtracks – Glen Miller … Continue reading “My Savage Breast”

Independence Day, Disney Style

Since I posted about July 4th yesterday, I figured why not do it again today… The first year we moved to Orlando we wanted to take the kids to see fireworks. Not being locals, though, we didn’t know where to go. (I suppose we could have asked someone, but we didn’t think of it until … Continue reading “Independence Day, Disney Style”

First Impressions

You just never know… Before Mary and I got married, we made two plane trips. The first was to Vancouver for my Aunt Joey and Uncle Ed’s 25th anniversary. I’d never been to Vancouver before, and was not really prepared to meet a hundred-odd aunts, uncles, and cousins. I was especially not prepared for the … Continue reading “First Impressions”

Shovel Ready Projects

I mentioned our development team from Orlando yesterday… There were four of us. Linda, of course, was our fearless leader. She taught me a lot about managing projects, managing customers, and managing people. She also didn’t take crap from anybody. I liked working for her. I lived in Orlando for a little over four years, … Continue reading “Shovel Ready Projects”