All Roads Lead to Northville

So, one winter my wife’s cousin John’s girlfriend Carmel (that’s a lot of words with no verb) talked several of us into renting a cabin in upstate New York for a weekend. (By that I mean actual upstate where Canada is closer than NYC, not NYC upstate which is anything north of the city limits.) … Continue reading “All Roads Lead to Northville”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 3

I mentioned earlier that whenever we went to Las Vegas that we were mostly going to visit the in-laws. Still, whenever we were there we usually managed to find an evening or two where we’d go out to Sam’s Town to do a little gambling. So one night Mary wasn’t feeling well but her mom … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 3”

Thanksgiving Kept A-Rolling

One year for Thanksgiving the in-laws decided we’d all take a train down from NYC to Orlando FL to do Disney. (Later, when we moved to Orlando, we’d find out that is one of the busiest times of the year.) So, we packed up our stuff and headed out – me, Mary, a very young … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Kept A-Rolling”