How Did I Not Get Fired?

I’ve had several jobs over the years, with plenty of bosses. Some were great (I’m look at you, Linda and Matt), some were decent enough, and some… well… I’ll paraphrase a line from “The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun” which said: Every boss has value, even if only to serve as a bad example. … Continue reading “How Did I Not Get Fired?”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 2

As I mentioned, my in-laws moved to Las Vegas many years ago, and as locals they quickly learned where to find the good stuff. For example, while everyone knows about the big casinos – the Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio – the locals can tell you the places to go where winning is a bit … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 2”

Andrew and the Incredible Flaming Coronet

During my early college years we had an old Dodge Coronet. It was a decent car but suffered badly from rust. The quarter panels, for example, were rusted through at the bottom on both sides of the car, so if you had anything loose in the trunk and made a turn, it would roll to … Continue reading “Andrew and the Incredible Flaming Coronet”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 1

I’ve been to Las Vegas maybe twenty times or so, but they weren’t your typical Vegas trips. I have in-laws living there, so it was never “Oooh, let’s hit Vegas baby!” but more like “Let’s go visit the family.” Still, we had our share of fun adventures there… So one year back in the 90s … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 1”