The Emperor’s New Clothes

Many years ago, my cousin Mike was getting married. He lives in Vancouver, and had driven all the way to NY with my cousin Alan for my wedding, so I decided it would be only fitting that I attend. My brother Joe also decided to attend, so he booked his flight through DFW where I … Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Adventures in House Hunting

After we’d been married a short while and had our first child, my wife Mary and I decided it was time to buy a house. We looked around the New York City/Northern New Jersey area for a few months, but everything nice we couldn’t afford and everything we could afford wasn’t nice. We learned that … Continue reading “Adventures in House Hunting”

Andrew Strikes Again

OK, I mentioned previously about my friend Andrew. So we’re hanging out this one time with my sister Debbie, and we’re playing a card game called Bullshit. For those who don’t know the game, you deal out all the cards. Then, one player starts by declaring s/he’s discarding (face down) so many 2s, then the … Continue reading “Andrew Strikes Again”