Bad Movies Part II

OK, so this one wasn’t exactly a bad movie per se, but… Back in my college days, we found a midnight showing of Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same” at a theater in New Rochelle. A bunch of my college friends and some others (Debbie? Andrew? Tony?) convened at my friend Dave’s house in … Continue reading “Bad Movies Part II”

Movers and Shakers

Have you heard the old joke about the kid who’s parents moved while he was at school? That actually happened to me. We were living on Carpenter Avenue in the Bronx, about 6 blocks west of my grammar school, and that morning we moved to a house on 226th street a few blocks east of … Continue reading “Movers and Shakers”

King of Last Minute Costumes

OK, I already wrote about some of my home-crafted costumes and last-minute jobs, but I found this photo that reminded me of a Halloween party my friend Tony threw one year. Mary and I made our costumes again that year – Death and the Hershey Bar. (Sounds like a great band name…) Not my best … Continue reading “King of Last Minute Costumes”

My Bachelor Party

So we were one of those couples with the giant wedding party – I had two college friends Dave and Tony, my brother in law Tom, Mary’s brother Michael, “our” brother in law Alfred (a story for another time), and my brother Joe as best man. They all took me out for dinner for my … Continue reading “My Bachelor Party”