Drinking Solo

So one day at Harcourt a chunk of the IT group was working late, and would be working later still, so we decided to take a break and grab a drink at one of the bar/restaurants in downtown Fort Worth. It was pretty empty in there, with only one other table in use, so we placed our order and got to chit-chatting.

At one point my friend Gayle nudged me, pointing at the next table. “Is that Harrison Ford?” she asked. I looked over, and though his back was to us I could tell it was him. “Yeah,” I said.

Now, Harrison Ford is an actor, sure, but he’s also a pilot. He has been known to show up in Fort Worth from time to time to visit/work with the guys at Bell Helicopter, and there are stories of people running into him there. So, the idea that he’d randomly show up in downtown Fort Worth was quite plausible.

So our group walked over and introduced themselves, and thanked him for his work. (I didn’t go over. I had already read about Ford’s reluctant attitudes about his fame, and besides he was just trying to relax with his associates and didn’t need me drooling all over him.)

One of our number was a tech named Zeke who worked under me. He was a younger guy who grew up playing with Star Wars toys and was a super fanboy. So the idea that he’d met Han Solo and shook his hand was the ultimate experience for him. For weeks after, no matter what was going on or what mood he was in, he’d suddenly light up with a big grin whenever reminded that he’d shaken Han Solo’s hand.

You just never know what’ll happen when you go out for a drink.

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  1. He was in the Flying Saucer one night when a group of editorial and marketing types were there drinking one night. It was apparent that he had started before us. 😉

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