You Are No Expert

I noticed that my last two Wednesday posts were variations on the “grumpy old man” theme, so why not continue?

Today’s grumpiness involves something you probably won’t see much of here, because I’ve been quick with the delete button, but should be familiar to anyone who frequents blogs. It’s the ubiquitous comment spam that always seems to pop up.

A bit of history… In the early days of search engines, the biggest thing you could do to rank better was to get links from as many websites as possible. That caused folks to start putting links everywhere, including (and especially) in blog comments. Google and other search engines, who really aren’t stupid, quickly saw that these folks were trying to game the system and promptly disregarded comment links. So, blog comments stopped counting towards ranking.

This happened like 15+ years ago.

And so-called SEO experts are STILL promoting blog comments as a way to get links.

And they never seem to learn that.

So I delete the comments as they come in, not because I want to deny them the links, but because they offend my sensibilities.

So get off my lawn, and get out of my comments too.

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