Straight Jacket Hell

There’s a scene in the first Lethal Weapon movie where Mel Gibson’s character bets money with his fellow officers on whether he can get out of a straight jacket. (Bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this.)

He squirms and struggles, then pops his shoulder out of its socket, and finally wriggles out of the straight jacket after causing himself some intense pain.

Which brings me to today’s post.

When I decided to start posting these recollections almost three months ago, I thought it would be a fun way to remember stuff that happened over the years. At some point early on, I decided to set aside Wednesdays for a grump post – something that bothered me for whatever reason. The grump posts would let me compose instead of recollect, and would extend the run of stories (since I’d really only need to recall four each week instead of five.)

So week after week I’ve been pouring out four stories per (with an occasional assist from Joe) and one grump.

And that brings me to today. I have two stories already in the hopper for the rest of the week, but for the life of me couldn’t think of anything to be grumpy about today. So, like Mel, I’m squirming and struggling painfully in a straight jacket I’ve agreed to put on myself.

Not that things are all wine and roses. My career is not where I’d like it to be (indeed, I’m not even sure I know what I want to be when I grow up.) I don’t care for my President, nor for the degree of incivility around politics and political discourse in general. I’m giving serious thought to selling my house and moving, but that hinges on that annoying career question again.

What I mean is, I have stuff to be grumpy about. For today, however, it just isn’t very entertaining. So I guess today’s complaint is that I don’t have anything good to complain about.

I’ll try to be less agreeable next week.

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  1. Hey Rudy, Canada is getting more people every day walking across the Canada-US border to come here. After coming to the U.S., they are afraid they will be sent back to their country of origin. Aunt Eh.

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