Good Day, Eh?

To paraphrase Bob and Doug McKenzie, “Good day, and welcome to post #100.”

When I started this blog the idea was to see if I could get into the habit of writing every day. As it turned out, I did publish every weekday but would tend to write in bunches – a handful of posts at one sitting, then nothing for a few days, then another handful. Mostly, it came from inspiration – I’d be convinced I had nothing left, then something would trigger a memory and *boom* another bunch of posts would follow.

So, as far as the publishing went, mission accomplished. As for the writing though, not so much.

I still have stories to tell, but I’ve decided I’m not continuing the same pace anymore. As I think of stuff to write, I’ll go ahead and publish it, but I won’t be doing one every weekday any longer.

Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement. Now I just need to come up with some other use for my time…

Coo loo koo koo, koo koo koo!


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