Down For The Count

I mentioned yesterday how I worked for the US Census in 1980. While I was an enumerator, I reported to the office as usual at 7am then went home for a while. Since nobody ever answered the door before 11am or so, I waited until then to go back out again. Sometimes, to ease the boredom, I’d invite my friend Andrew to walk with me.

So there was this one time where I had a “prospect” on the upper floor of an up-and-down duplex. She was in the upper half so, leaving Andrew waiting on the curb, I unlatched the front gate and proceeded up the stair to her porch. As I got halfway up the stairs, I realized that there was a German Shepherd laying in front of the door. As I noticed him, he noticed me…

I quickly turned around as he was getting up and was heading back down the stairs before he got out his first bark. I hit the bottom step and vaulted over the fence, caught my leg on the gate and flipped completely upside down.

So I hung there upside down with my torn pant leg caught on the gate, and a large dog barking furiously on the other side. Two women were walking by as this all happened. One gasped, “OMG are you ok?” To which the other immediately responded, “Sure, he always hangs around like that.”

Everybody’s a comedian.

Editor’s note: Andrew was nice enough not to laugh at me until I did. Also, I never did get a form from that address but I did get a day off to pay for my pants.

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