My Savage Breast

No, this isn’t a post about my first sexual encounter. (An interesting story, but don’t hold your breath waiting to read about it.) This actually deals with the musical influences I’ve had over the years. As with most, my initial influence was my family. My parents contributed big band and movie soundtracks – Glen Miller … Continue reading “My Savage Breast”

My First Business

Over the years I’ve owned several businesses and co-founded a startup. This is the story of my very first business. Unless, of course, the statute of limitations has not run out… In which case, the following is a complete work of fiction. Really. So one Spring day Helen’s boyfriend Anthony showed up at the house, … Continue reading “My First Business”

One Ring to Rule Them All

One thing I loved about growing up in the Bronx was that you could hop the #2 subway down to 149th Street, then transfer to the #4 heading up to 161st Street and Yankee Stadium. Yes, it was not the greatest neighborhood. But, the magic of the atmosphere inside was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. … Continue reading “One Ring to Rule Them All”