My Brushes With Celebrity

Some people have been prolific in their interactions with celebrities, meeting all manner of stars from stage and screen and stadium. I am not one of those people. I bring this up because, lately, a “thing” has been circulating on Facebook where you list ten celebrities and people have to pick the one from the … Continue reading “My Brushes With Celebrity”

Food I Can’t Get

My former boss is planning a trip to New York City this fall, so he asked me about things to do there. I found that, while I could point out touristy things like Rockefeller Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral, my focus remains on the important stuff – food. You see, after 20-odd years living away … Continue reading “Food I Can’t Get”

Exit Stage Right

After getting downsized from Thompson, I formed a startup with Harcourt coworkers Brian and Jack. We named our company Smartacus, and we would focus on educational software. Shortly after its inception, we scheduled a sales trip to the major college textbook publishing companies in NYC and Boston. That meant a road trip for us, so … Continue reading “Exit Stage Right”