A Bridge Too Far

Back in my days as the first software development editor Prentice Hall ever had, I officed in a side corridor along with a book development editor and a new textbook acquisitions editor, my friend Gary. Gary was an all-star sales rep and a brilliant if somewhat unorthodox person. Over the years he came up with … Continue reading “A Bridge Too Far”

The Last Enemy

Warning: The following post is presented without humor. Really. “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” – J.K.Rowling, written on James and Lily Potter’s tombstone. I was first exposed to death at an early age. My great aunt Nelly had been in our lives forever, but her new husband George had not. When … Continue reading “The Last Enemy”

Knishes and Camels and Rain, Oh My!

PART I Recently my family scheduled a quarterly birthday party, and I took some time off from work to attend. My immediate family lives in the greater New York City area, although scattered far and wide. Apart from my 12 hour distance, most are 2 or 3 hours distant from each other. Thus, we try … Continue reading “Knishes and Camels and Rain, Oh My!”