The Last Enemy

Warning: The following post is presented without humor. Really. “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” – J.K.Rowling, written on James and Lily Potter’s tombstone. I was first exposed to death at an early age. My great aunt Nelly had been in our lives forever, but her new husband George had not. When … Continue reading “The Last Enemy”

Smart-Assed Birds

My father in law had a problem. His neighbor in Las Vegas had a large dog he kept in the backyard, so there were the requisite water and food bowls. Unfortunately, that attracted several pigeons, who spent their days sitting on my father-in-law’s roof waiting for the dog to look away so they could swoop … Continue reading “Smart-Assed Birds”

Trip Planning Is MY Thing, Though

I mentioned in our trips to Northville and New Paltz how trip planning isn’t really our thing. As a group. My own family trips are a different story. When we moved from New York to Florida, we drove down in my Honda Civic. Not roomy, but how much room did an infant and a six … Continue reading “Trip Planning Is MY Thing, Though”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 5

So I mentioned about how we’ve been to Las Vegas many times, and about how we always went to visit the in-laws but somehow managed to find an evening or two each time to hit the casinos. What I didn’t mention is that we had a streak going for a long while of coming out … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 5”