Stop Trying to Help Me

I don’t like the way cars are being designed to help me with stuff. I’m not talking about good things like crumple zones and mirrors. I mean stuff that seems to be helping you, but actually teaches you bad habits. I’ll give you some examples. I got into the habit of wearing seat belts before … Continue reading “Stop Trying to Help Me”

My Bachelor Party

So we were one of those couples with the giant wedding party – I had two college friends Dave and Tony, my brother in law Tom, Mary’s brother Michael, “our” brother in law Alfred (a story for another time), and my brother Joe as best man. They all took me out for dinner for my … Continue reading “My Bachelor Party”

Trip Planning Is MY Thing, Though

I mentioned in our trips to Northville and New Paltz how trip planning isn’t really our thing. As a group. My own family trips are a different story. When we moved from New York to Florida, we drove down in my Honda Civic. Not roomy, but how much room did an infant and a six … Continue reading “Trip Planning Is MY Thing, Though”

Trip Planning Is Not Our Thing

Hanging out with Mary and her sister Rose and her cousin John and the rest of the crowd, we often did stuff with little to no planning. (After all, we planned for the Northville trip and look where that took us?) So, one day someone suggested we go camping at the state park in New … Continue reading “Trip Planning Is Not Our Thing”