Buried Treasure

With winter fast approaching, I’m reminded of an incident that happened quite a while ago when we lived in Monroe NY. Shortly after Natalie was born (on my birthday!), my mother in law decided to visit us from Las Vegas. She was a dedicated smoker but never smoked in our house, as I didn’t react … Continue reading “Buried Treasure”

Independence Day, Disney Style

Since I posted about July 4th yesterday, I figured why not do it again today… The first year we moved to Orlando we wanted to take the kids to see fireworks. Not being locals, though, we didn’t know where to go. (I suppose we could have asked someone, but we didn’t think of it until … Continue reading “Independence Day, Disney Style”

What’s in a Word?

When Natalie was little she coined a few unique words to describe her world, many of which we still use to this day. Diane never really did this, for whatever reason. For dinner, one of her favorites was (and still is) mashed potatoes. Mary makes them fresh, by boiling potatoes and mashing them with milk … Continue reading “What’s in a Word?”

Creative Christmases

When you live near both sets of families, there’s plenty of Christmas traditions and activities to keep you busy. When you’ve moved a thousand of miles away, though, that’s when you have to get a little creative. When we first moved to Texas, we still had a console TV. (You remember those, a “big” picture … Continue reading “Creative Christmases”