The Last Enemy

Warning: The following post is presented without humor. Really. “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” – J.K.Rowling, written on James and Lily Potter’s tombstone. I was first exposed to death at an early age. My great aunt Nelly had been in our lives forever, but her new husband George had not. When … Continue reading “The Last Enemy”

Buried Treasure

With winter fast approaching, I’m reminded of an incident that happened quite a while ago when we lived in Monroe NY. Shortly after Natalie was born (on my birthday!), my mother in law decided to visit us from Las Vegas. She was a dedicated smoker but never smoked in our house, as I didn’t react … Continue reading “Buried Treasure”

Yes, A Funeral Can Be Funny

Ok, so funerals generally aren’t fun. That’s a given. Although, most wakes I’ve been to have involved hanging out in the back of the room, catching up with old friends and swapping funny stories about the deceased so we don’t feel quite so bad. Anyway, Mary and I went to a funeral for one of … Continue reading “Yes, A Funeral Can Be Funny”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 4

So one time Mary and her mom and I headed over to Sam’s Town for a little gambling fun. Since her mom was a big video poker fan, we decided to try that. Now Mary’s mom was not just a fan, she was actually pretty good at it. She had on several occasions hit the … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 4”

Thanksgiving Kept A-Rolling

One year for Thanksgiving the in-laws decided we’d all take a train down from NYC to Orlando FL to do Disney. (Later, when we moved to Orlando, we’d find out that is one of the busiest times of the year.) So, we packed up our stuff and headed out – me, Mary, a very young … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Kept A-Rolling”