Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 4

So one time Mary and her mom and I headed over to Sam’s Town for a little gambling fun. Since her mom was a big video poker fan, we decided to try that.

Now Mary’s mom was not just a fan, she was actually pretty good at it. She had on several occasions hit the elusive royal flush, and she had her particular favorite machine at Sam’s that she swore worked better than any other.

So the three of us were playing, and it wasn’t going well. Mary and I usually start the evening with a set amount in mind – $20 usually – that we’ll play with, and if it runs out then that’s it. Well, on this night it was running out pretty quickly. Neither of us could seem to catch a break anywhere, and my mother in-law’s luck wasn’t much better.

Pretty soon we were down to our last two dollars – one to gamble with, and one to tip the valet. My mother in-law played the hand, and *voila* she hit a flush. So she gave a couple of bucks to Mary, and Mary got a four of a kind! Then her mom got a four of a kind too! Then I got a full house…

We ended up playing on that last dollar for another hour and a half, and each of us left Sam’s with more money than we started out with.

You just never know!

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