Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 5

So I mentioned about how we’ve been to Las Vegas many times, and about how we always went to visit the in-laws but somehow managed to find an evening or two each time to hit the casinos.

What I didn’t mention is that we had a streak going for a long while of coming out ahead every time we’ve been out there. In fact, I can remember only two trips we didn’t win money – once when I went alone, and once when we didn’t gamble.

The streak started pretty quietly, with $10 or $20 ahead each trip. Of course, there was the Monopoly incident that turned into a $200 trip winner. Which reminds me of a sub-story…

Before we’d left on that trip, my friend Steve heard we were going to Vegas. He gave me a $20 and instructed me to find a regular old-fashioned $1 slot machine with only one line, and to play money $1 at a time. So, after the repeat Monopoly performance, I found the one machine in the corner that still had only one line and put in Steve’s $20.

Pull… nothing.

Pull… nothing.

Nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing… nothing…

On the last pull I hit for $40 bucks. Everybody wins!

Another time, with the streak still alive, we ended up our trip down $10. We headed to McCarran Airport (we flew that time) and found that our flight was delayed some 2 hours. So, with nothing to do and surrounded by slot machines (hey, it’s Vegas baby!) I popped a twenty into the poker machine.

And immediately got a flush, which put us ahead for the trip. So I cashed out. Another winner!

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