What’s in a Word?

When Natalie was little she coined a few unique words to describe her world, many of which we still use to this day. Diane never really did this, for whatever reason.

For dinner, one of her favorites was (and still is) mashed potatoes. Mary makes them fresh, by boiling potatoes and mashing them with milk and butter. Only, to Natalie these were “monster taters.”

And how does she eat them? Smothered in “snake sauce,” of course. Good old-fashioned A1 Steak Sauce, to you mere mortals.

And, lest you think her creativity only extended to the dinner table, she also had an irrational fear of the escalators at the mall. Of course, she referred to them as “scarecrows,” for some reason. (She seemed to have no problem with actual scarecrows, though.)

I’m sure there were more, but I’m not remembering them. Did you or yours have odd words or phrases from toddlerhood? What were they?

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