Snow in Texas

The forecast for tomorrow (that is, tomorrow from when I’m writing this) calls for a chance of snow flurries. That got me thinking back to our first Texas snowfall.

Now I should point out that prior to our first Texas snow, the last snow we saw before that was a few years earlier. (It didn’t snow much in Orlando.) In fact it was my last day living in New York, and we’d gotten 6 feet of snow. Which I had to shovel, the length of my driveway, to get my car out so I could head to the airport. (Because, in a burst of brilliance, I had parked my car at the garage end of the driveway the night before.)

So anyway, after a few years of Orlando and our trek to Fort Worth, the snow finally started falling outside our Texas home. Diane and Natalie were still little and didn’t really recall snow, so they were excited about it. Mary, recalling her New Jersey experiences, had the kids wait inside until the snow stopped then lets them outside to play in it.

I believe about 3/4 of an inch fell that first time. And it all melted away maybe 30 minutes after it stopped snowing.

Welcome to Texas.

Fun Fact: In the 17 years we’ve lived in Texas, we’ve seen more white Christmases than the 30-odd years I lived in the NY area.

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