Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 4

So one time Mary and her mom and I headed over to Sam’s Town for a little gambling fun. Since her mom was a big video poker fan, we decided to try that. Now Mary’s mom was not just a fan, she was actually pretty good at it. She had on several occasions hit the … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 4”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 3

I mentioned earlier that whenever we went to Las Vegas that we were mostly going to visit the in-laws. Still, whenever we were there we usually managed to find an evening or two where we’d go out to Sam’s Town to do a little gambling. So one night Mary wasn’t feeling well but her mom … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 3”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Many years ago, my cousin Mike was getting married. He lives in Vancouver, and had driven all the way to NY with my cousin Alan for my wedding, so I decided it would be only fitting that I attend. My brother Joe also decided to attend, so he booked his flight through DFW where I … Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

How Did I Not Get Fired?

I’ve had several jobs over the years, with plenty of bosses. Some were great (I’m look at you, Linda and Matt), some were decent enough, and some… well… I’ll paraphrase a line from “The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun” which said: Every boss has value, even if only to serve as a bad example. … Continue reading “How Did I Not Get Fired?”

Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 2

As I mentioned, my in-laws moved to Las Vegas many years ago, and as locals they quickly learned where to find the good stuff. For example, while everyone knows about the big casinos – the Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio – the locals can tell you the places to go where winning is a bit … Continue reading “Lucky in Las Vegas, Episode 2”