May Reading List

I started this month with Bird Box. I’d seen the Sandra Bullock movie (it was ok) and since I didn’t have a pressing reading need I figured what the hell. Like the movie, it was OK.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve found that I can’t read fantasy while I’m writing fantasy so I cast around for some scifi in the M’s section of the library. In addition to Bird Box, McAulty’s Robots of Gotham caught my eye. (Partly because of “robots” and partly because of “gotham” I suppose.) It was another in a long line of dystopian novels, only with robots. It was also OK.

After that, I decided I needed to read some space books. I hadn’t read one in a while – in fact, the only remotely space book I’d read all year was the Hitchhiker’s Guide series in January and the Asimov robot mysteries trilogy in April. So I hunted around and found a sizeable selection for Ben Bova.

I’d read Bova’s Grand Tour series a few years ago, but he’s written other novels. I found a four book series, of which the library only had the first three, so I took a chance on it. It turns out I’d read the first two books back with the other Bova books, but I didn’t remember them at all. (Hell, I’d read hundreds of books since then.) I asked about the last book and the library filled out a form to purchase it for me. So that was cool! The series itself was ok to good, I’d say.

I followed up that series with three of Bova’s stand-alone novels to round out the month. I enjoyed each of the three.

I’m still on pace to exceed 100 books for the year, needing only six for the month of June for a round 50 YTD.

36. Malerman, Bird Box
37. McAulty, Robots of Gotham
38. Bova, New Earth
39. Bova, Death Wave
40. Bova, Apes and Angels
41. Bova, Survival
42. Bova, Power Surge
43. Bova/Johnson, Rescue Mode
44. Bova, Transhuman

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