Tunnel of Love

I get many of my writing ideas in bed, either from a dream or during that half-sleep/half-wake thing you experience in the morning. This particular burst of inspiration was a dream that woke me up at 2:30am two weeks ago.

I lay there in bed thinking, “What a stupid dream.” And an hour later, I was still awake and still thinking that, but I’d also been working it into a story. Finally, I surrendered to the muse and went downstairs to my computer and wrote.

Fast forward, I brought the story to my monthly Writer’s Group meeting where we take turns reading aloud from our creations. Everyone laughed in all the right places and the piece was generally well received.

So the following afternoon I took the next step and submitted it to a magazine for publication. Their review process takes up to 5 weeks, so now I have to be patient.

P.S. It’s been a few hours and STILL NO WORD!!! OMG!!!! <<breathe…>>

Editor’s Note: Well, Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine sent me a nice rejection email. There are several other places to try, so I will press on.

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