Why We Need a Manned Space Program

I wrote this post five years ago, and it still resonates. Why the hell aren’t we in space anymore? Having just read a scathing attack on the idea of continued manned space missions on CNN, I feel compelled to point out some overlooked points and answer the author’s main question about manned space missions: What’s … Continue reading “Why We Need a Manned Space Program”

Beer in a Bar

When I was working at Simon & Schuster administering their sales automation projects, I attended the annual user group conference held by our sales automation vendor. I’d attended a couple of these week-long conferences before, but this was the first year I’d gone by myself (from S&S.) It was also the first time I’d encountered … Continue reading “Beer in a Bar”

Stop Trying to Help Me

I don’t like the way cars are being designed to help me with stuff. I’m not talking about good things like crumple zones and mirrors. I mean stuff that seems to be helping you, but actually teaches you bad habits. I’ll give you some examples. I got into the habit of wearing seat belts before … Continue reading “Stop Trying to Help Me”