Bad Movies Part I

I mentioned in a previous post how we used to share weekly date nights with my sister Helen and her husband Tom before the birth of their first child.

One weekend we decided to catch a new movie called Krull, a stinker fantasy film from 1983. It was opening weekend as I recall, and we arrived dangerously close to the start time. (This was back in ancient times, before the concept of reserved seating had occurred to anyone…)

The only place we could find four seats together was in the front row.

All the way on the left side of the front row.

So, we spent the entirety of the movie with necks craned around, trying to focus on the center of the movie screen some three feet in front of us and 20 feet to the right.


And the worst part of the experience? It was Krull.

Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever seen Krull, you’ll know what I mean. And please accept my apologies.

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