Natalie’s First Car

When Natalie was but a preschool sprout we celebrated Christmas away from our families, so it was just the four of us. That may have contributed to the overabundance of Christmas gifts that year, or maybe it was the impact of a raise in base pay (with the new job) on top of going from NY taxes to tax-free Florida. Anyway, we got a few things for the kids that year and they were pleased.

The best part, though, came when we wheeled out Natalie’s big present: a brand new car!

OK, it was a Fisher Price car.

She stopped dead and stared at it for a moment, as I wondered if she’d like it or not. Then she went over to it, opened the door, and climbed in.

And stayed in there the rest of the day.

She ate her meals in there. She parked it in front of the TV and watched her Disney movies in there. She didn’t want to come out of there at all, and I’m pretty sure she ended up falling asleep in there.

It was funny to watch, but sort of pleasing too. It’s nice when you find just the right gift for someone. That morning, we did it.

For me, today, the right gift would be some new socks and underwear. (hint hint)

2 thoughts on “Natalie’s First Car”

  1. Katie bought one of those – she saved her money for months and the teenage checkout clerk at Toys-R-Us was shocked when the toddler reached her handful of money up to the counter to pay for it herself. We still have that car and Katie’s 3 kids all enjoy it regularly.

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