This Century Sucks

I’m not speaking politically, although surely a case can be made for that. I mean, personally. Editor’s note: Centuries, like decades, start on the year one. So, the 21st century started in 2001, despite what all of your parties thought. Career-wise, as the 20th century wound down I was an IT director at a major … Continue reading “This Century Sucks”

Movers and Shakers

Have you heard the old joke about the kid who’s parents moved while he was at school? That actually happened to me. We were living on Carpenter Avenue in the Bronx, about 6 blocks west of my grammar school, and that morning we moved to a house on 226th street a few blocks east of … Continue reading “Movers and Shakers”

Straight Jacket Hell

There’s a scene in the first Lethal Weapon movie where Mel Gibson’s character bets money with his fellow officers on whether he can get out of a straight jacket. (Bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this.) He squirms and struggles, then pops his shoulder out of its socket, and finally wriggles out of the … Continue reading “Straight Jacket Hell”

400 Quatloos For The Newcomer

The annual United Way drive at Harcourt was always good for a few laughs and a certain degree of craziness. One year the organizers wanted to hold an auction for each of the senior managers, where each winner would get that manager to work for them for a morning. They asked me to set things … Continue reading “400 Quatloos For The Newcomer”