Laughter Is The Best Medicine

“Halloween in February” week ran a bit over, but technically this story isn’t a Halloween story at all since it happened the day before Halloween. However, it started several weeks before that. My sister Helen was pregnant with her first child, what would be my Mom’s first grandchild. Somewhere in her second trimester, it became … Continue reading “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”

Adventures in House Hunting

After we’d been married a short while and had our first child, my wife Mary and I decided it was time to buy a house. We looked around the New York City/Northern New Jersey area for a few months, but everything nice we couldn’t afford and everything we could afford wasn’t nice. We learned that … Continue reading “Adventures in House Hunting”

Andrew and the Incredible Flaming Coronet

During my early college years we had an old Dodge Coronet. It was a decent car but suffered badly from rust. The quarter panels, for example, were rusted through at the bottom on both sides of the car, so if you had anything loose in the trunk and made a turn, it would roll to … Continue reading “Andrew and the Incredible Flaming Coronet”